Salary Splitter

Manage your money without the hassle: automatically split your salary into different accounts, and keep your savings separate from your spending money.

It's for you if:

  • you’d like to have one account for bills and a different one for savings
  • you're saving towards a particular goal, such as a holiday, car or house deposit
  • you’d prefer not to be manually transferring money between accounts
Salary Splitter benefits

Highlights of Salary Splitter

Salary Splitter allows you to separate spending money from your savings and your savings from your day to day spending, which could save all sorts of hassle. You can automatically split your salary into as many as 6 different Westpac accounts, so it’s easier to manage your expenses and keep track of your hard earned cash.

Salary Splitter:

  • can help take away the hassle of dividing your money between the payments you have to make and those you want to make. It can help you manage your spending in one area so you don’t leave yourself short in another
  • could save you time and effort. Salary Splitter helps you manage your money easily. Simply set it up and let it work for you
  • is convenient. A glance at your account balances and transactions via online banking will tell you exactly what you’ve got, what’s gone out and when
How it works

How Salary Splitter works

  • advise your employer you’d like your salary paid to your Salary Splitter account
  • choose up to 6 transaction or savings accounts you want your salary split into
  • select the amounts you want to be transferred into your chosen accounts each payday
  • each payday, the amounts you’ve selected will be allocated to your chosen accounts, automatically
  • you’re done

Other Salary Splitter details

Salary Splitter enables you to prioritise how you split your salary, so your money goes to different accounts in the order you want it to. Any additional money hitting your account (like overtime for example) can go to any of your Salary Splitter accounts.

Salary Splitter in action: case study

Sam’s employer pays her every fortnight on Thursday. She has recently bought a house and now she’s saving for a new car too. Salary Splitter is ideal for Sam. She’s nominated 4 different Westpac accounts for her salary to be split into, so as soon as her salary is paid, her mortgage payment goes to one, savings to another, an amount goes into a third account for household expenses and her fourth account is spending money. She’s nominated her savings account to be credited for any additional money (like the small bonus she recently received). For her it’s a simple and easy way to manage her finances.

How to sign up

It's easy to get started with Salary Splitter

Already have a Westpac account?

Simply call us on 0800 400 600 or pop into your nearest Westpac branch with appropriate ID, and we’ll get you set up with Salary Splitter.

Don't have an account with Westpac yet?

It’s easy to switch your bank account to Westpac. The first step is to complete our online switching form. It only takes a couple of minutes. Then, we'll call you back to arrange the switch and help you with transferring your salary into your new account. 

You can also give us a call on 0800 881 133 or pop into your nearest branch, we’ll be pleased to help.