About our Sustainable Farm Loan.

We care about the future of Aotearoa and want to advance sustainable agriculture.

We are committed to supporting our agribusiness customers to build more sustainable and resilient farms. So we have developed a Sustainable Farm Loan that encourages our farmers to achieve the Westpac Sustainable Farm Standard, a new standard that encourages on-farm sustainability and resilience across the whole farm. 

The terms of our Sustainable Farm Loan include a financial incentive, from day one, to support our customers with this sustainability journey and to build more sustainable farms for a better future.

Westpac Sustainable Farm Standard.

Our newly launched Westpac Sustainable Farm Standard1 recognises and complements farm assurance programmes, reducing duplication and reporting commitments on farm.

Developed in partnership with our local farmers, AsureQuality and the broader Agri sector, the Westpac Sustainable Farm Standard will help you take a whole-of-farm approach to sustainability, and position your farm to be more resilient in the face of adverse weather events arising from climate change.

To future proof your farm assets, we also encourage increased focus on farm management, emissions planning and biodiversity.


  • Accelerate on-farm sustainability.
  • Two years to implement the Westpac Sustainable Farm Standard.
  • Receive a financial incentive on term lending for your farm.
  • Recognition for your existing farm assurance activities.

What’s included in the Sustainable Farm Standard?

Sustainable farm planning

Develop and implement a comprehensive Farm Environmental Plan that addresses all aspects of sustainable farming.

Sustainable water management

Demonstrate active management of waterways, maintaining health and ensuring efficient water usage.

Best practice nutrient and chemical management

Utilise best practice application of synthetic and natural fertiliser and agrochemical to reduce the risk of pollution on farm.

Responsible waste management

Dispose of and reduce on-farm waste responsibly.

Sustainable land management

Responsibly manage on-farm activities to create better outcomes for biodiversity and soil health, taking into account high value biodiversity areas and conservation objectives.

Climate change mitigation

Understand farm greenhouse gas emissions and identify and action greenhouse gas emissions reduction opportunities. Prioritise minimal tilled land, soil cover and protection of high carbon stock land.

Climate change adaptation

Understand the risks and impacts of climate change, particularly extreme weather events, on the farm land and business, and how to work towards a more resilient future so you can keep your livestock and farm assets safe.

Animal welfare

Make sure the health and welfare of farm stock through the right management practices and appropriate staff training.

Health and safety

Identify and control hazards on-farm to make a safe work and home environment for your family and staff.

Apply for a Sustainable Farm Loan.

Get in touch - call an agribusiness manager or request a call back to discuss your needs.

If an ‘all of farm’ solution is not right for you, we also offer lower lending rates to support other sustainable activities on your farm.

Things you should know.

Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply to Westpac products and services. See the Business Transaction and Service Fees Brochure for details.

Eligibility and lending criteria applies. Customers need to have at least $1,000,000 of total business lending with Westpac New Zealand. A fee from our independent verifier AsureQuality will apply.

Business Lending products are only available for business and/or investment purposes and not for personal, domestic or household purposes.

1 Westpac Sustainable Farm Standard is designed as an all-of-farm sustainability criteria designed by AsureQuality exclusively for  Westpac and is equivalent to the Sustainable Agriculture Finance Initiative (SAFI) Phase One Guidance for Livestock.

Borrowers have 24 months from the date of the loan to meet the Westpac Sustainable Farm Standard.