Main features.


Track your spending

Control your spending by tracking and comparing it to your monthly average to see where spending is up or down.

Categorise your spending

Sort your spending into categories so you can quickly see where your money is going.

Identify trends

Get a better understanding of your spending habits.

How CashNav works.

Find out how it can help you track your spending.

Other features.

Spending history

View previous months' spending by bringing up all of your spending history.

Set monthly targets

CashNav® will let you know if you exceed your targets in categories you set up.

Daily summary

See what you've spent in a category or compare the total with other days in a bite-sized daily review.

Spending notifications

Get instant updates when money leaves your account - great for security and checking you've been charged correctly.

Customise your categories

Move a transaction to a new spending category and CashNav automatically does it for similar future transactions.

Split transactions

Split a transaction into more than one category to accurately track where your money is going.

Things you should know.

Account terms and conditions apply.

CashNav Terms and Conditions apply.