Westpac is the first bank in New Zealand to be awarded the Accessibility Tick for our commitment to becoming more accessible to all New Zealanders.

We are continuously reviewing our products and services to make sure they are available to everyone.

Our branches, ATMs & contact centres.

Our branches and ATMs are designed with accessibility in mind, with the support of Dementia New Zealand.

Our branches

  • Our branches are accredited as accessible and dementia friendly with clear signage and consistent layouts across our entire network.
  • The main entrance to each branch is well marked and has automated glass doors.
  • All flooring is plain, non-shiny and non-slip.
  • Most branches have at least one wheelchair accessible counter.
  • Signage and lighting have been installed to increase visibility at our counters and in our meeting rooms and waiting areas.
  • The furniture in our waiting rooms has been designed with accessibility in mind, including chairs with arms, low coffee tables and quiet spaces.
  • Our bankers can serve customers in any area of the branch and undergo regular training to recognise when customers may require extra help.

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Our ATMs

Our ATMs are designed to make it easy to withdraw and deposit cash.

  • All our ATMs are equipped with audio assistance and can be used with wired headphones to support people with low vision.
  • ATM pin pads have tactile markers including a raised centre 'pip' on the 5 key, 'X' on cancel and 'O' on the OK button.
  • Most of our ATMs are designed to accommodate wheelchair access. Many of our ATMs are located in branches where staff are on hand to provide assistance during opening hours.
  • External LED signage has been installed around ATMs and lobbies to increase visibility for customers banking after hours.
  • Many of our ATMs also has the following language options: Chinese (simplified), Te Reo, Waikato Te Reo dialect.

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Our contact centres

  • Our contact centres are based in New Zealand and can be reached on 0800 400 600.
  • Staff are available from 7am to 8pm weekdays and from 8am to 5pm on weekends.
  • Customers who are over the age of 65 will automatically be prioritised in the call queue.
  • For faster service, call from your registered mobile number or have your customer ID number on hand.
  • We have extra support available to help with any language barriers. 

Language services.

Do you need extra help to communicate your banking needs? We’re here to assist.

English as a second language

More than 50 languages are spoken at Westpac. You can request a branch appointment with someone who speaks your preferred language through our contact centre.

You're welcome to bring a support person or your own translator to a branch appointment or phone call.

Deaf, hearing loss or speech impairment

Here's some ways we help make your banking easier if you’re deaf, hard of hearing or have a speech impairment.

We partner with iSign to offer free face-to-face appointments with a New Zealand Sign Language interpreter. This service can be booked by:

  • Contacting iSign directly, who can help with booking your Westpac appointment
  • Book an appointment with us directly in branch or on 0800 400 600 requesting an iSign interpreter, or email us on customer_support@westpac.co.nz

We also welcome working with NZ Relay, a free service that enables people who are deaf, deafblind, hearing-impaired and speech-impaired to communicate via a confidential three-way connection.

Visit NZ Relay service for more information on immediate assistance or to book an interpreter in advance.

Easy English 

We’ve written some key information in Easy English. 

Easy English is a style of writing that helps people with varying communication needs to understand important information. These books explain how to get support on a range of topics.

Scams (PDF)
This book talks about scams and tricks that criminals use to get your money or personal details.

Financial Difficulty (PDF)
This book talks about where to get help if you have money problems.

Family Harm and Financial Abuse (PDF)
This book talks about dealing with shared accounts and misuse of funds.

Elder Financial Abuse (PDF)
This book talks about protecting older individuals from financial exploitation.

Making a Complaint (PDF)
This book talks about what to do if you're unhappy with banking services.