Specialist services.

Manage your cash flow, minimise your currency and trade risk and take control of your transactions online with our range of international trade solutions for importers and exporters.

Import services

Our import payment solutions help you to ensure that your goods are received and your supplier gets paid in a timely manner, in turn helping you to maintain good trade relationships.

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Export services

Manage your trading risk and get flexible trade finance with our range of export services.

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Trade finance

Fund your trade transactions through our fixed term and rate loans available in most major currencies.

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Westpac WinTrade provides a secure online environment for managing and tracking your international trade transactions. It's flexible, easy-to-use and can save you time and money.

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Foreign exchange risk

Protect your profits from fluctuating foreign exchange (FX) rates. Our range of risk reducing options include foreign currency accounts, FX forward contracts, FX option contracts, and market orders.

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