• Reach your savings targets faster, as you put aside set amounts as you earn.
  • Divide your salary into as many as six different accounts.
  • Remove the hassle of manually moving your money around when you get paid.

How it works.


Make a plan

Decide how you want to allocate your salary, such as a savings goal and putting enough aside for monthly bills and expenses.

Choose the amounts and accounts

Work out the amounts and the accounts you want your salary to be split into.

Let Salary Splitter do the work

Your salary is automatically moved to your nominated accounts when you are paid.

Get Salary Splitter.

New to Westpac?

You’ll need a transaction account to set up Salary Splitter. To apply, call us to book an appointment at your nearest branch. When you come in, you’ll need to bring some ID, such as your New Zealand passport or your driver licence as well as proof of your address.

Call 0800 400 600

Already a Westpac customer?

If you have a transaction account, call us and we’ll set up Salary Splitter for you.

Call 0800 400 600

Visit a branch

If you’re a Westpac customer but don't have a transaction account, come into any branch and bring some identification, such as your New Zealand driver licence or passport and we’ll get you set up with an account, a debit card and Salary Splitter.

Things you should know.

Account terms and conditions apply.