FX products & services.

We're a leading player in foreign exchange markets, so you can deal 24/7 through our global network. We use both cash and derivative products to deliver intelligent and forward-thinking risk solutions.

We offer a number of foreign exchange products* including:

  • Spot FX
  • Foreign Exchange Forward Contracts
  • Foreign Exchange Options Contracts
  • Non deliverable forwards (NDFs)
  • Exotic derivatives - including average, barrier and basket.

*Certain foreign exchange products may only be available to some customers.

Interest rate risk.

Managing your interest rate risk and cash flow exposures offers you both protection and opportunity. Interest rate products can assist you to manage interest rate risk.

We provide a full range of services for actively managing interest rate risk. We have the experience and knowledge in local and offshore markets to meet all your interest rate needs.

We will develop strategies to suit your specific requirements, and can help with product information, offer advice on different instruments, provide up-to-the-minute market information, economic data and forecasting.

We offer a number of interest rate products^ including:

  • Interest Rate Swaps
  • Interest Rate Caps
  • Interest rate floors
  • Swaptions
  • Forward rate agreements
  • Cross currency swap.

^Certain interest rate products may only be available to some customers.

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Fixed interest & debt securities.

Westpac Institutional Bank provides specialist origination, trading and sales services in the NZD and AUD debt markets.

Value-added service based on in-depth product knowledge

We know our markets well, and we take the time to understand our customers’ businesses and needs.

Our innovative advice is based on in-depth, grounded research, followed by swift and professional execution and settlement.

Our product expertise helps you to improve yield and manage risk, and includes:

  • Government bonds
  • Corporate bonds
  • Hybrid securities
  • Inflation-indexed products
  • Credit linked notes/default swaps
  • Kauri bonds
  • Local authority stock
  • Commercial paper
  • Repurchase agreements
  • Asset-backed securities.

Credit & rates.

We serve the needs of a diverse global customer base comprising large and small corporate borrowers from private companies to real estate funds. Infrastructure funds and companies, utilities, listed companies as well as investors including sovereign and semi-sovereign investors, banks, real money funds, leveraged investors and other financials.

Westpac has two specialist global desks which aim to be the market leaders in credit and rates products, providing markets in:

  • Interest rate swaps, currency swaps, interest rate options and fixed interest derivatives, Commonwealth Government, Semi-Government, supranational/agency, and CPI-linked cash bonds
  • Corporate, bank and financial institution bonds as well as asset backed securities and credit derivatives.

We're committed to making markets in all time zones and in all our market products to ensure liquidity for our customers as part of our global strategy.

Debt capital markets.

The bond market acts as a source of debt funding for governments, financial institutions and corporations. Westpac's Debt Capital Markets Team offers issuers an alternative to bank funding by using public market avenues to raise capital.

Westpac is a market leader in the New Zealand and Australian debt markets, with an emerging presence and capability across Asia, Europe and the US.

We provide domestic and offshore customers with access to global capital markets with tailored bond solutions across a number of key currencies. By developing a deep understanding of our customers' capital structure and strategic goals, we aim to develop optimal funding solutions that deliver positive long term results:

  • We're an active lead manager of NZD and AUD denominated domestic issues, Kangaroo and Kauri bonds, NZD and AUD denominated offshore EMTN transactions
  • We're a market leader in listed debt and hybrid solutions
  • We have a growing franchise in Asian currency EMTNs
  • We have an increasing distribution footprint in US Dollars, Euros and Sterling
  • Westpac works with alliance partners to provide New Zealand and Australian borrowers with market-leading access to US Private Placements.

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Things you should know.

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