Business plans & template.

A business plan is an essential piece of groundwork when you’re a start-up or small business owner. Set goals for your business and make a roadmap to achieve them. These tools and resources are intended as a guide only.

Create a business plan & download template.

Profit & loss forecast.

Financial reporting templates

Accounting software is an efficient and cost effective way to produce financial reports, but if you’re not quite at that stage, here are some of the basic reports and templates you might need.

Cashflow forecast

 ‘Cashflow’ is essentially the money that flows in and out of your business, and cashflow reporting shows how much money a business has (or will have) at a given point in time. It’s a tool to reflect your business’s ability to pay the bills.


Profit and loss forecast

Profit and loss forecasting is a key element of financial reporting. It shows your earnings and expenses (costs) over a period of time – usually a quarter (three months) or one year.

It’s often used to calculate your net profit before tax, and see any trends each month, or identify where expenses could be reduced.

Business checklists.

Where do my costs come from?

Identify some of the costs you may need to plan for, so you can manage your finances more effectively.

Download where do my costs come from? (PDF 166Kb)

What skills do I need?

A handy checklist of the various skills and qualities you may need to run a business.

Download what skills do I need? (PDF 75Kb)

Xero bookkeeping guide.

We've worked with local accounting experts Xero, who have a number of guides to help people get their heads around small business accounting, including this one on core bookkeeping.

Economic resources.

Latest economic reports

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Video updates

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Economic reports archive

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Ministry of Business Innovation & Employment website

The Government provides this free site with tools, news and advice, designed to help Kiwi businesses.


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