Feel confident dealing with money matters.

If you want to help people in your school, community group, or workplace develop effective money management skills, or you’re looking for yourself, we cover it all.

Our free fun and interactive workshops will help you feel more confident about making decisions about money. We work with a range of organisations such as schools, employers, and community groups to deliver effective money management skills for their people.

The workshops cover a whole range of topics including:

  • spending plans and budgeting
  • saving goals and plan
  • how to calculate the true cost of borrowing
  • making your money go further
  • banking digitally
  • compound interest: its impact on savings and debt
  • the 'leak factor'
  • retirement
  • buying your first home
  • managing mortgage
  • insurance.

Money management for students

We’ve got specific Managing Your Money workshops tailored for students from Primary through to Tertiary. Our workshops are also supported by fun and exciting board games that embed learning of financial concepts.

Contact us for a workshop

We are more than happy to customise a workshop for your workplace, school, or community group. Register your interest for a Managing Your Money workshop.