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Family & domestic violence.

Do you or someone you know need some help to protect or strengthen their financial independence?

We understand that it can be hard to talk about family violence and financial abuse.

Westpac has worked with a variety of specialist organisations like Shine, Good Shepherd and Age Concern to develop a pathway to support customers to increase their financial independence.

Ways to make payments.

Online banking

Customers can use Westpac One online banking from their computer or mobile device safely and securely at any time.

To set up online banking customers can call 0800 400 600 and either:

  • Get help setting this service up over the phone
  • Book an in-branch appointment where a staff member can help with setting up and provide a demo on how to use online banking. Customers can bring their own device and use the branch Wi-Fi.

Walk through the benefits of banking online with our digital ambassador Judy Bailey.

TXT or email reminders can be set up through Westpac One online banking to alert you when your account balance goes over or under a certain amount, or when a planned payment fails.

Phone banking

For customers with no internet access or are not comfortable with online banking, phone banking can allow them to use a landline or mobile phone to check balances, pay bills, transfer funds and more through a simple phone call.

To set up phone banking customers can call 0800 400 600 and either:

  • Receive help setting this service up over the phone
  • Book an in-branch appointment where a staff member can help with setting up and provide a demo on how to use phone banking.

Other ways to make payments

Automatic payments

Automatic payments are useful for regular transactions where the payment amount will stay the same, like rent.  Automatic payments can be managed via online banking, phone banking or through a branch.

Direct debit

Direct debits are useful for regular payments where the amount will vary, like electricity or phone bills. A direct debit can be set up by speaking directly to the company you want to pay this way.

Companies are required to advise customers of the amount that will be paid via direct debit before the payment is processed, so you won’t be caught unaware.

Extra Care indicator.

For customers who need extra care, we have the extra care indicator where specific information can be loaded onto a customer profile so they won’t have to repeat themselves to explain their situation each time they speak to us. 

Customers can talk to us about this option in branch or on 0800 400 600.

Extra support through our partnerships.

SeniorNet online banking workshops

Need a little help to feel confident banking online? Through our partnership with SeniorNet, face-to-face online banking workshops are held throughout the country, in our branches, in care homes and through other community groups. 

FinCap partnership

Budgeting support can ease unexpected financial pressures and connecting with a financial mentor can help you get back on track if you’re facing difficulty.

If you need help, call our Westpac team on 0800 400 600. We may be able to directly refer you to FinCap for extra support.


Our partnership with IDCARE aims to help people and organisations deal with the distressing aftermath of identity theft and financial crime.

If you are a victim of fraud or a scam, our financial crime specialists may refer you to IDCARE for free specialist advice and counselling.

New Start

Prisoners across New Zealand are now able to obtain correct ID and apply to open a bank account ahead of their release.

The ‘New Start’ partnership between Westpac and Ara Poutama Aotearoa Department of Corrections makes it easier for people who have served their time to reintegrate into the community.

Educational support.

Managing your money

Check out our tips, tools and guides for budgeting, saving and borrowing.

Our online toolkit: Managing Your Money

Managing Your Money Workshops

Educational games

Learning about money doesn’t have to be serious – these games will support young ones to develop money management skills through play.

Fun way to get kids thinking about money

Things you should know.

This information is a guide only and does not take into account your personal financial situation or goals.