You can add a gambling block on your debit or credit card. This means certain types of online transactions related to gambling will be blocked for your cards.

Our gambling block feature helps customers regain control over gambling habits, supporting them to plan and manage their personal credit card and debit card spend by blocking certain transactions.

To set up a gambling block, call us on 0800 400 600 or visit your local branch.


How long does the block take to be added?

The gambling block will be added on all debit/credit cards within five business days.  

Are all gambling transactions blocked?

The gambling block will only block online transactions with businesses that use “Gambling Transactions” as their primary merchant category code. It doesn’t stop transactions at physical gambling locations such as casinos or buying a lotto ticket at a retail outlet.

We may be unable to fulfil a request to decline authorisation for gambling-related transactions in some circumstances, such as:

  • Recurring transactions previously authorised by you
  • Any transactions made within five days of the block request
  • System outages, impairments, or interruptions.

Who can request the gambling block be added?

The gambling block can be requested by the primary card holder or a third party who has the authority, such as enduring power of attorney.

For joint accounts, each card operates individually so the block does not impact the joint cardholders’ cards and only the individual cardholder can turn the block on or off. Once the block is added it will automatically apply to all existing and future cards.

Can I request to remove a gambling block from my cards if I change my mind in future?

Once a gambling block is in place, there is a minimum period of three months before you're able to request to remove it. After that time, if you request to have the block removed this will be done within five business days.