Watch Stash the Cash (Ages 10+)

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During a game of Stash the Cash, you play a scammer who is out to scam all the other players. Everyone else in the game is a scammer too and it is a battle royale to see who finishes with the most money. The scams in the game are based on real scams that people do or have been tricked by. We recommend this game as suitable for children over 10, and adults too.
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If you’re keen to have either of these games run for your students/group, please fill in the interest form and we can arrange for a Westpac facilitator to come and see you for free. We’ve also made the games available for anyone to download and play. 

Printing instructions: 

  • You’ll need to print one board for 2-6 players

  • Enable double sided printing and select 'flip on short edge'.

  • Don’t forget any extra items required for the game such as dice, player pieces and prizes.

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