Prioritising privacy.

As you move toward independence, your privacy may need more protection. We’re here to assist you in establishing and maintaining privacy when it comes to all your personal information and finances.

Keeping us informed

Let us know as soon as possible if you decide to separate or divorce. That way we can be sure to protect your privacy and your former partner's privacy. Use this opportunity to advise any other financial providers you may also use.

Updating your contact details

If you’ve moved out of the home you were sharing or have changed your phone number, make sure we have your new details by calling us on 0800 400 600. It's also important to let us know if your partner has moved out. By having up-to-date details, information can always be correctly directed.

Changing your PINs and passwords

During a separation, consider changing your PIN numbers, access codes and passwords:

  • Change your credit card and debit card PIN number by visiting your nearest branch. Make sure you bring an appropriate form of ID, like your driver's licence or current New Zealand passport
  • Think about changing your online banking access codes and passwords
  • You might also like to change your phone’s security passwords or PINs for additional security

When changing your details, choose PINs and passwords that won't be easy for someone to guess, even someone who knows you well.

Do you need urgent help?

If you are in immediate danger, call 111.

For financial abuse or family violence, has resources to help you get help.

If you need to speak to an adviser at Westpac immediately about a difficult financial situation during a divorce or separation, call our Financial Solutions team on 0800 772 771.

We can help.

Financial hardship support

Struggling to pay your basic living costs? You may be eligible for financial hardship support, which can provide options to reduce your loan repayment amounts, restructure debt or take a payment holiday.

Learn more

Financial statements

During a separation, you may need to establish your exact financial position at the time of the split. Download your statements on all your accounts, including KiwiSaver, as far back as possible.

Learn how

Time for a new account?

When you’re splitting finances, it might be the right time to open a savings or transactional account that only has your name on it.

Account options

Managing Your Money online classes

Our free online classes cover a range of topics and allow you to learn about finances from home.

Managing Your Money online classes

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