We are here to help.

In 2015, Westpac became New Zealand’s first dementia friendly bank, to support the 70,000 Kiwis affected by dementia. We're proud to work in partnership with Dementia New Zealand

Our employees have been trained to help recognise, understand and respond to the needs of customers living with dementia and we've also put together resources that we're happy to share with other organisations who want to become dementia friendly too.

If you or someone you love is living with dementia please talk to us and together we’ll help you put a plan into place for your banking.

Helping you and organisations.

Our staff are trained to assist people living with dementia and their families with their banking. We want other organisations to become dementia friendly too - check out our materials.

Useful contacts and memory tips.

Learn more about dementia, get answers to questions, and find out about the support available. We've found a few useful memory tips from the Memory Foundation that could help you.


We are proud to work in partnership with Dementia New Zealand.

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