Your home loan options

If you're ready for your next move, whether it's moving to a new place or refinancing an existing mortgage, we have a range of home loan options to put you in control. We'll help you to structure your home loan the way you want now, providing the combination of certainty and flexibility that works for you.

  1. Choices Fixed

    Fix your interest rate and it will stay the same for the fixed rate term even if interest rates in the market change.

  2. Choices Floating

    The interest rate varies with the market but you can repay lump sums whenever you like without any additional costs*.

  3. Choices Everyday Floating

    Combine your daily transactions and home loan into one account.

  4. Choices Offset

    Offset your savings against your Choices Floating Home Loan and it could help you pay off your home loan faster and save you thousands.

  5. Choices Home Loan with Airpoints™

    Earn Airpoints Dollars™ calculated on your home loan balance, helping you to fly faster.

  6. Split Home Loan

    The most flexible option is to keep some of your home loan on a floating interest rate and then split the remainder across fixed rate terms.

  7. First Home Loan

    Westpac has teamed up with Housing New Zealand to offer First Home Loans.

  8. Family Springboard

    With our Family Springboard Home Loan options, your family could help you get into your new home sooner.

  9. Construction loans

    A look at construction loans, and options for financing your renovation – plus some of the costs that come hand in hand with building.

  10. Prebuilt home loan

    Prebuilt is a home loan option that gives you the benefit of innovative, modular homes which can be quicker to build and cost less.

  11. Repayment options

    Choose from table, interest only, reducing and revolving credit home loans.