Ways to manage your home loan.

Breaking your fixed rate home loan

If you'd like to repay a fixed rate home loan early, there will be a prepayment cost. Talk to us and we'll calculate it for you.


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Fixed rate rollover

If your fixed rate period is coming to an end, it's an ideal time to consider what you want to do next.

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Top up your loan

Renovations can turn a house into your dream home and often improve its value too, but they can be costly. Learn more about topping up or redrawing on your home loan and whether it's the right move for you.

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Reducing your repayments

Need to free up some cash? While reducing your home loan repayments may be an option, it could come with longer term costs. See whether this option is right for you.

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Pay off your home loan faster

Discover simple and practical ways to save money on interest costs and pay off your home loan faster.

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Nearly paid off your home loan?

It may have felt like this day would never come but if you are close to or have paid off your home loan you have a few options to consider.

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Things you should know.

Interest rates are subject to change without notice. Westpac's home loan lending criteria, terms and conditions apply. A low equity margin may apply.