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You'll need your Customer ID and temporary Westpac One password. If your temporary password has expired please call our dedicated Welcome Team on 0800 444 664.

To make the most of the great features in Westpac One, check out the handy how-to guides.

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If you want to be able to do more of your banking wherever you are, then the Westpac One app is just what you need.

You'll need your Customer ID and Westpac One password. If you don't have a password then please call our dedicated Welcome Team on 0800 444 664.

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CashNav app - see what you spend to get what you want

Our free CashNav app securely connects with your Westpac transaction and credit card account and groups your day-to-day spending into categories. It also features an easy to read Spending Meter that compares your current spending to your typical monthly spend.

To use CashNav you'll need to be registered for Westpac One® online banking.

Here's a tip - to get the best out of CashNav ask your employer to pay your salary into your Westpac account so you can get a clear view of how you're spending it. Just give your account number to your employer so they can update it in their system.

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Verify your identity in branch

When you join Westpac NZ we need to see:

  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of income (if you have applied for a credit card or a personal loan)

Sorry we know digging this stuff out is a pain, but we need these documents because it's an important legal requirement to help us keep your account and identity secure. Here's what you need to bring to your local Westpac NZ branch.

If you need to PIN your card then it's a good idea to bring it with you so you can do everything at once.

Proof of identity

One form of primary photo ID (extra documentation may be required). This can be1:

  • NZ passport
  • Overseas passport
  • NZ Certificate of Identity
  • NZ Refugee Travel Document
  • National Identity Card (overseas)
  • NZ Emergency Travel Document
  • NZ Drivers Licence
  • NZ Firearms Licence

Don't have one of the above? Find out about alternative forms of ID here.

Proof of address
  • Please provide proof of your current residential address dated within the last 12 months, for example1:
  • Recent utility bill, or
  • Statement/Correspondence from another financial institution, or
  • Property Sale & Purchase Agreement, or
  • Insurance policy document, or
  • Correspondence from a Government Agency which contains name, address, and a unique reference (such as IRD number, Client File Number or
  • Tenancy Bond reference number), or
  • Unexpired rental or tenancy agreement
Proof of income (for credit cards and personal loans)
  • Last 3 payslips, or
  • Last 3 months bank statements showing your salary or wages, or
  • A letter from your employer confirming your income, or
  • IRD tax summary (statement provided by the Inland Revenue Department setting out your income)

Self-employed? Please provide your business financial statements (such as profit & loss statement or annual balance sheet) for the last 12 months, or IRD tax summary as proof of income.

Pin your card

Your card should arrive within 10 working days. If you didn’t PIN your card as part of your application, you’ll need to do this once your card arrives. Just head to your nearest Westpac NZ branch and one of our team will be happy to set you up with a PIN.

Start earning Airpoints Dollars™

Start planning your next trip, because if you have an Airpoints™ Debit Mastercard® or Airpoints Credit Card, then you’ll earn Air New Zealand Airpoints Dollars™ whenever you spend on your card2.

We’ve got some great tips to get you closer to take off – for example you can take advantage of a faster Airpoints earn rate when you pay for things in a foreign currency.

Also, why not set up regular payments for things like electricity, phone, insurance and the gym? That way you can take advantage of early payment discounts and you’ll earn Airpoints Dollars too.

Maximise your Airpoints Dollar balance

Westpac Airpoints credit cards

Start earning hotpoints®

Get ready to get rewarded. If you have a hotpoints credit card, you’ll earn hotpoints every time you use your card, whether on every day spending or on big ticket items3.

You can maximise your hotpoints balance by setting up regular payments for things like electricity, phone, insurance and the gym – that way you can take advantage of early payment discounts and you’ll earn hotpoints too.

You can redeem hotpoints® for a wide range of rewards – from gift cards and merchandise, to travel and charity donations – the choice is yours.

Earning and redeeming hotpoints

Westpac hotpoints credit cards

Start earning interest

Get your savings off to a flying start. If you’ve opened a savings account, the first step is to make your first deposit. There are several ways you can do this:

  1. Online banking: It's easy to set up an automatic payment or make a one-off transfer through Westpac One or another bank’s online banking.
  2. Phone banking: You can use phone banking to transfer money 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  3. Westpac ATM: You can transfer funds from another Westpac account at most Westpac NZ ATMs.
  4. Westpac branch: Head into your nearest branch to make a cash deposit. If you have an online savings account then your deposit will need to be made into your Westpac transaction account first, and then transferred into your savings account.
  5. Salary Splitter: Set aside some regular savings using Salary Splitter, which automatically divides your income between a maximum of six different Westpac accounts.

Save on fees

No-one likes fees or charges so we want to make sure you’re only paying for what you need. Here are some handy tips for how to avoid some of the main ones:

Credit cards: A friendly reminder that the annual account fee will be the first charge to appear on your account, so even if you don’t spend on your card in the first month you will still need to pay this fee to avoid a late payment penalty. Also, keep interest and late payment fees to a minimum by setting up an automatic payment so there's no risk of forgetting to pay your monthly bill (your bank may charge a fee for setting this up).

ATM: It's free to use any other bank's ATM in New Zealand. If you’re overseas, you can avoid the NZ$2 credit card or NZ$3 debit card international transaction fee by making sure you use an ATM belonging to a member of the Global ATM Alliance4.

EFTPOS: Some transaction accounts incur fees for using EFTPOS. If you use EFTPOS a lot, try to do as much as you can at the same time, such as getting cash out when you’re paying for your purchase, so you’ll only get charged for one transaction.

More ways to save on fees

Things you should know.

1 This information is subject to changes to government policy and law, and changes to the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act from time to time.

2 The following purchases and transactions do not earn Airpoints Dollars™ or Status Points (see the applicable Credit Card Conditions of Use for full details): cash withdrawals, payments for cash equivalents (e.g. travellers' cheques, money orders and gambling chips) and business-related purchases made with a Westpac Airpoints credit card other than a Westpac Airpoints Business Mastercard. Status Points earned on applicable credit cards only.

3 Certain purchases and transactions are not eligible to earn hotpoints, see the applicable Credit Card Conditions of Use for details. If you only make the minimum payment each month, you will pay more interest and it will take longer to pay off the unpaid balance. If you only make the minimum payment each month, you will pay more interest and it will take longer to pay off the unpaid balance.

4 The NZ$2 for credit card and NZ$3 for debit card international transaction fee saving applies to Westpac customers only, and is subject to change. All other international and standard fees apply including foreign currency conversion fees - refer to the Transaction and Service Fees brochure for details. Global ATM Alliance banks and their details are subject to change.

This information is a guide only and does not take into account your personal financial situation or goals. You must be a member of Air New Zealand’s Airpoints™ programme to earn Airpoints. Airpoints terms and conditions apply. hotpoints terms and conditions apply. Mastercard and its brand mark are registered trademarks of Mastercard International Incorporated. iPad and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Android is a trade mark of Google Inc.