Online banking.

You can easily bank from the comfort of home with Westpac One®, our online banking service which you can access with your computer, smartphone or tablet. It's protected by our world-class online security system, Online Guardian, so will keep you safe from online fraud and scams. 

Use Westpac One for a variety of everyday banking needs including:

  • Viewing balances and transactions
  • Making bill payments
  • Setting up automatic payments
  • Moving money between your accounts or to pay family and friends and more

If you're not set up for Westpac One sign up here.

Helpful video guides.

Westpac One password reset

If you've forgotten your Westpac One password, visit the Westpac One login page and click on the 'Forgot your password' link.

You can also follow the steps on this video or check out our How to guide.

How to make a payment

Paying someone has never been made easier. Regardless of the type of payment you want to make paying someone or settling a bill, you can do this in Westpac One.

Watch this video and follow the steps or check out our How to guide.

How to download transactions and statements

You can download statements for your credit card, transaction or savings account on your Westpac One desktop or mobile device, (currently downloading transactions is not available to download on the Westpac One mobile app).

Watch this video and follow the steps or check out our How to guide.

Westpac One – online banking service

We’ve designed Westpac One to be simple and intuitive. You can do your banking online 24/7 from your home or on the go, so take a look at the video which highlights some of the capabilities it offers.

Phone banking.

Phone banking offers you a wide range of banking services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Simply follow the voice guide and use the keys on your phone to find out your balance, review recent transactions, transfer money and pay bills or your credit card.

Call 0800 172 172 to use phone banking. If you’re a first time user and you have a mobile number registered with the bank, you can follow the voice guide to access phone banking in a few easy steps.

Contact centre.

Our customer service team is available on 0800 400 600 to answer your banking queries seven days a week.

Please be aware call volumes may be higher than normal at the moment. Thank you for your patience.

Financial support.

If you’ve been financially affected by COVID-19, we have a range of ways we can help you.

Personal and business customers can contact us on 0800 606 606 (+64 9 375 9907 for overseas). 

Staying safe online.

Scammers often look to take advantage of times of uncertainty by targeting people with phishing emails and text messages, social media, fake online stores and false job offers.

What to look out for:

  • Phishing emails and text messages: Phishing is used to steal your personal information, with links embedded in emails and text messages. COVID-19 has seen a new wave of phishing attacks, targeting the products and services we’re using the most right now.
  • Social media scams: There are currently many promotional offers, giveaways, online contests and quizzes being shared on social media. These can be used to harvest personal and banking information, which could in turn be used to access your accounts or make fraudulent payments.
  • E-commerce scams: These are fake websites offering products that are in high demand, like facemasks, hand sanitizers, plastic gloves and disinfectant wipes, all at inflated prices.
  • Online job scams: Fraudsters use these to move illicit funds. The “job” itself will largely involve the victim using their personal bank account to send and receive money.

Top tips for keeping safe:

  • Never provide your online banking passwords to anyone.
  • Avoid clicking on links in emails or text messages. Only log in to sites you trust.
  • Don’t share personal information online (even if it seems innocuous).
  • Don’t give out your personal or credit card information for promotional offers, giveaways, or online contests.
  • Only purchase products from established retailers.
  • Don’t allow your personal bank accounts to be used to transfer funds on behalf of another party. Any legitimate employer will have business accounts that they can use to transfer funds, and won’t ask you to make use of your own account.

For more information on how to stay safe online, please visit our dedicated page.