Airpoints™ debit card FAQs

The Westpac AirpointsTM Debit Mastercard® is the first of its kind in New Zealand, so you may have some questions. If you don't find the answer here, please call us on 0800 400 600 or visit us in branch.

Getting started
What makes the Westpac Airpoints DebitTM Mastercard® different?

This is the only debit card in New Zealand that earns Airpoints Dollars™, rewarding you for your everyday spending1. Use it like an EFTPOS card as well as online, over the phone and overseas. You can add Westpac PayTag® free of charge2, and you’re protected 24/73 against fraudulent activity with CardGuardTM. And, we’ll sign you up to Westpac One®, our award-winning online banking service4.

What do I need to operate my card?

You need to link your debit card to an eligible Westpac transaction account5 (Westpac Everyday account, Westpac Easy Access Account or Choices Everyday Home Loan Account). You’ll also need to  deposit at least $500 in total into that transaction account each month.

Do I have to accept and use Westpac PayTag®?

Westpac PayTag contactless payment technology is a free optional extra with your Airpoints Debit Mastercard. If you choose to receive it, you can attach your Westpac PayTag to your mobile phone and make purchases under $80.

How secure is the Airpoints Debit Mastercard?

It comes with the total security of Westpac CardGuard™. Your Airpoints Debit Mastercard, Westpac PayTag and mobile payments are protected 24/7 from fraudulent activity and unauthorised transactions3. All Mastercards at Westpac also come with encrypted EMV chips to provide extra security. The chips make it harder for criminals to read the card’s data and allow your card to be deactivated if it’s lost or stolen.

What are the main differences between an Airpoints Debit Mastercard and an EFTPOS card?

An Airpoints Debit Mastercard can be used just like an ordinary EFTPOS card, but with some important added benefits. For a start, you’ll earn Airpoints on your everyday purchases1. And you can use it anywhere Mastercard is accepted, online, over the phone, and overseas. An Airpoints Debit Mastercard also comes with the added protection of CardGuard™.

I already have an Airpoints credit card. Why should I get an Airpoints Debit Mastercard as well?

An Airpoints Debit Mastercard complements your Airpoints credit card. If you have both cards, you’ll be making the most of earning Airpoints Dollars on all your spending1.

What does an Airpoints Debit Mastercard cost?

There’s a $15 annual card fee for the Airpoints Debit Mastercard. This fee is waived for customers under 19 years. For customers 19 years and over, the fee is waived for the first year. Whichever eligible transaction account you choose, the relevant transaction and account maintenance fees will also apply.

I've started my application on the Westpac website but I need to go and do something - will my application be saved?

If you close or refresh the window, your progress won’t be saved. But you can leave the window open, return to it within a short period of time and the information will still be there as you left it.

My Airpoints login won't work when I try to apply for a Westpac Airpoints Debit Mastercard. What should I do?

The easiest thing to do is go to Air New Zealand’s ‘login help’ page and follow the instructions to get your log in details sent to you. Then come back and log in with your details on the Westpac website.

When can I start using my card?

Once you’ve been approved for a Westpac Airpoints Debit Mastercard, it should be with you within 5-10 days. Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to select a PIN online. Or, you might need to visit a Westpac branch to load a secure PIN -  bring appropriate ID with you. We’ll let you know when we send your card.

If you’ve pre-selected your PIN, activate your card by;

  • using it with your PIN at any EFTPOS terminal, or
  • requesting an account balance or cash withdrawal at any ATM
I selected the wrong PIN / I want to change my PIN.

You can change your PIN once you receive your card, by visiting one of our branches with appropriate ID.

My card hasn't arrived / has been sent to the wrong address. What should I do?

Please call us on 0800 400 600 to make sure your contact details are correct, and we’ll track where your card is.


I have a question about the Air New Zealand Airpoints™ programme – can you help me? 

Visit Air New Zealand Airpoints for all Airpoints information, or call Air New Zealand on 0800 Airpoints.

Where can I check my Airpoints balance?

You can check your Airpoints balance at Air New Zealand Airpoints or on the Air NZ mobile app.

When do my Airpoints Dollars expire?

Each year, on your anniversary of joining Airpoints, any Airpoints Dollars earned more than four years earlier will expire. (There are exceptions. If you have a Westpac Airpoints Platinum or Westpac Airpoints World Mastercard, your Airpoints Dollars won’t expire. And if you’re an Elite or Gold Airpoints member, your Airpoints Dollars won’t expire while you retain Elite or Gold status.) 

I have an Airpoints credit card - what happens to my Airpoints Dollars when I take up a Westpac Airpoints Debit Mastercard®?

Airpoints Dollars are associated with your Air New Zealand Airpoints account. So any Airpoints Dollars earned using a credit card will continue to be credited to that Airpoints account, as will Airpoints Dollars earned on your Westpac Airpoints Debit Mastercard.

What if I’ve forgotten my PIN? 

Select a new PIN by taking your card into one of our branches, with appropriate ID.

Where is my Airpoints Debit Mastercard accepted?

It’s accepted anywhere Mastercard is accepted: online, over the phone, in store, at banks and ATMs, in New Zealand and overseas (that’s millions of locations worldwide).

Earning and redeeming
Do I earn Airpoints Dollars™ every time I spend on my Airpoints™ Debit Mastercard®?

Every time you make a purchase on your Airpoints™ Debit Mastercard® in store, online or over the phone, it will count towards earning Airpoints Dollars™. You’ll earn Airpoints Dollars at a rate of one Airpoints Dollar for every NZ$250 you spend on eligible purchases, in New Zealand and overseas. The following purchases and transactions do not earn Airpoints Dollars: cash withdrawals, payments for cash-equivalents (such as travellers’ cheques, money orders and gambling chips) and business-related purchases. See the Debit Card Conditions of Use for full details of all excluded transactions.

How long does it take for my spending on a Westpac Airpoints Debit Mastercard to be credited to my Airpoints account?

Each month your Airpoints update will be emailed to you by Air New Zealand, and you’ll see how many Airpoints Dollars you’ve earned throughout the month as well as your total Airpoints balance. You can also check in on your Airpoints tally regularly by logging in on the Air New Zealand website, or through the Air NZ mobile app.

Can I give someone else’s Airpoints number so they earn Airpoints Dollars from my card?

There can only be one Airpoints member per Airpoints Debit Mastercard. If the transaction account linked to your card is a joint account, either of the account holders can be the nominated Airpoints Dollars earner. In all other situations, you can only use your own Airpoints membership name and number.