The daily transaction limits are up to a maximum of:

EFTPOS limits

We limit your total EFTPOS spending and ATM withdrawals in one day to $10,000. If you've used a Platinum, Business or Premium credit card for your EFTPOS purchase and select "CHQ" or "SAV", your daily limit may be higher. The limit will be dropped a few minutes after midnight.

For example, if you buy $9,500 worth of appliances in one day with EFTPOS, you will only be able to withdraw $500 that day from an ATM machine.

Debit Mastercard limits

If you have a Debit Mastercard, we limit your total spending based on how you use your card.

If you make a contactless payment, use your card online or make a face-to-face purchase overseas, we limit your total spending to $20,000 in one day.

If you use your card traditionally by swiping or inserting it into the EFTPOS terminal and select “CHQ” or “SAV”, we limit your total spending up $10,000 per day, subject to the funds being available in your bank account.

Credit Card withdrawals

ATM cash withdrawals from your credit card account will be charged interest at the cash advance rate from the date of withdrawal until you pay that amount in full. All repayments will be applied to balance transfers, fees and charges before cash advances and other purchases. Accordingly you may wish to consider other products.