How CardGuard® protects you.

24/7 proactive protection

Your debit and credit card transactions are screened using sophisticated monitoring software that alerts us to anything suspicious. We can block your card if needed, and contact you about any suspected fraud, anywhere in the world1.

Zero liability protection

You won’t be held responsible for any fraudulent transactions on your card if it’s lost or stolen, or you think someone may know the PIN¹, provided you notify us as soon as possible and have not acted fraudulently or negligently. You must also have complied with the card’s Conditions of Use.

Text and email alerts

You can set up alerts for all kinds of banking activity such as when your account balance dips below a certain level, when your latest statement is ready to view online, if your online banking password is changed and more.

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Embedded microchips

All Westpac credit cards (including reissued and replacement cards) come with an embedded microchip, for your added security.
The microchip sits within the plastic of the card and stores your card account information in a coded format, rather than on the magnetic stripe on the back of the card.
This makes it more difficult for someone to fraudulently copy your card details (often referred to as ‘skimming’).

Westpac Online Guardian

We monitor your online banking activity, watching out for anything that could be fraudulent behaviour. If something suspicious like a login from a foreign country occurs, Online Guardian will alert our Online Trust and Security team, and you may be asked to authenticate your identity through a security question or verification code.

Lost your card? Had it stolen?

You can temporarily block your card through Westpac One® online banking if you’ve lost your card – then unblock it when you find it. If your card was stolen or lost for good, call us on 0800 888 111 so we can arrange a replacement.

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Mastercard® Identity Check

Mastercard Identity Check is an extra layer of security when you’re shopping online³.

Credit card security tips

How to stay safe while you’re using your card online and in-store.

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Managing your credit card

Tips and information to keep you informed about your credit card.

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Things you should know.

1 Mastercard® Identity Check Terms of Service apply.

Eligibility criteria, lending criteria, terms and conditions apply. for the applicable card apply. Conditions of Use for the applicable card apply. Rates, Transaction and Services Fees apply. 

Mastercard is a registered trade mark and the circles design is a trade mark of Mastercard International Incorporated.