How to redeem your Airpoints Dollars™

Redeem your Airpoints Dollars™ for a wide range of rewards - including flights, seat upgrades, Koru membership, and everything in the AirpointsTM Store. Here’s how to redeem your Airpoints Dollars:

1. Check your balance

Check your Airpoints Dollars balance at any time by logging in to your online Air New Zealand account, or by using the Air New Zealand Smartphone App. You’ll be able to track all the Airpoints Dollars you've earned with your Westpac Airpoints Debit MasterCard®. One Airpoints Dollar equals one New Zealand Dollar.

 2. Choose your reward

You can redeem your Airpoints Dollars in just a few clicks, at the Air New Zealand website. Log on, have a browse in the Airpoints section, and reward yourself!

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