How to earn Airpoints Dollars™

Now you can earn Airpoints DollarsTM on your everyday spending1 – with New Zealand’s first AirpointsTM debit card. 

Earn one Airpoints Dollar for every NZ$250 you spend on your Airpoints Debit Mastercard®

One Airpoints Dollar equals one New Zealand Dollar, so it’s easy to understand the value of your Airpoints Dollars balance.

How to maximise your Airpoints Dollars balance

  • remember that your Airpoints Debit Mastercard can be used every day as well as online, over the phone and overseas, at millions of locations worldwide
  • keep an eye out for special Airpoints promotions, which could help you earn bonus Airpoints Dollars
  • use your Airpoints Debit Mastercard at the Airpoints Mall, to fast track your earning

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