Serious illness left Tom in a tough spot

Tom was an executive at a top New Zealand company and loved his job, but a diagnosis of cancer changed all that. To focus on his wellbeing and get treatment, he had to stop working.

At first, Tom thought his savings would be enough to live off, but soon realised that wouldn’t be the case.

He accepted his best option was to downsize his lifestyle, and put his house on the market. But even then, he couldn’t make the mortgage payments while he waited for the house to sell.

How we helped Tom cover his repayments until his house sold

Tom was worried when he walked into his Westpac branch. He didn’t know if Westpac would be able to help, but as he chatted with Judie, one of the Personal Bankers, he became more confident. She listened and recommended Tom apply for Financial Hardship, and helped him to complete the form.

Westpac’s Financial Solutions team reviewed his application, and talked to Tom about how Westpac might help. Together, they decided a payment holiday was best, as that would take the pressure off Tom while he sold his home.

Are you struggling to repay a Westpac loan or credit card because of a serious health issue? We may be able to help.

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