Roger was sinking under high-interest loans 

Roger was hardworking and earning a good income, but couldn’t seem to make his money last until the end of the month. He had started relying on pay-day loans to make it to the next pay cheque, but that seemed to be making matters worse. He felt like life was spiraling out of control. The interest and fees were piling on, and so was the emotional stress.

One weekend, Roger’s brother asked him what was wrong and after listening, suggested he contact his bank.

How we helped Roger make his money last

Roger made an appointment to see a banking consultant, Terri, at his local branch. After a quick review of Roger’s finances, Terri showed Roger how he could get things back on track. She also showed him some of the workshops, webinars and free tools available on the Westpac website so that he could teach himself how to better manage his money.

Managing money is a skill that many of us are not taught but all of us are expected to do. We understand and offer lots of useful resources to help.

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