Real stories from Westpac customers

We’re proud that every year we’re able to help thousands of Kiwis going through a tough time. If you need a hand or some support with what you’re experiencing, get in touch and let’s have a chat.

To protect people’s privacy, we’ve not used real names or faces below, but the stories are all based on real events.

  • Toms story
    Tom's Story

    When Tom started his cancer treatment, he knew he would need to sell his house, but worried how to make repayments in the meantime.

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  • Emmas story
    Emma's Story

    After Emma’s relationship ended, she couldn’t make ends meet, and was falling behind on her personal loan.

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  • Petes story
    Pete's Story

    After his wife passed away, Pete found he was struggling to look after the children and repay the mortgage on one income.

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  • Rogers story
    Roger's Story

    Roger was hardworking and had a reliable income. But his money never seemed to last and the interest on short term loans was stacking up.

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  • Hannahs story
    Hannah's Story

    Hannah lived on a tight budget, but the combination of a nasty car repair bill and school fees left her short and struggling.

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  • Stus story
    Stu's Story

    Stu was due to be mortgage free in five years, but an accident left him unable to work and he was scared he would lose his home.

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