Smart features

Take a look at the smart new features and capabilities Westpac One® offers, and enjoy a better online banking experience.


Do more of your banking wherever you are

We know it’s important to be able to get things done whether you’re out and about or just chilling on the couch. So we’ve added loads of new features to Westpac One, making it easy for you to do more of your banking no matter where you are.

Do all the usual stuff like transfer money and pay people. But also do the fancy stuff, like:

  • apply for loans and credit cards
  • temporarily block your credit or debit card if you lose it 
  • pay someone overseas
  • pay multiple saved payees at once
  • skip, suspend or edit automatic payments
  • open an account 
  • open and view term deposits
  • and much more

You can also track your finances easily using Timeline – where you can view, search and filter your past and future transactions from all your accounts in the one place.

Plus our smartphone app has a Quick Access feature that shows the balances of selected accounts and, lets you transfer money between those accounts without having to log in. Plus you can log in directly to the section you require with PIN access or Touch ID on iPhones that support the feature. 

And because you get the same experience across all your devices, it’s really easy to switch from one device to another.

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Track your finances

It’s easy to track your finances with Timeline

So you want to know what you’ve been spending at the supermarket, or when you went to a particular restaurant? Well now you’ve got that info right in front of you with Timeline.

Timeline is a smart new feature that shows your income and payments from all your accounts in the one place – so you can see at a glance exactly what’s going on in your financial world.

You can:

  • see transactions from the past, present and future for all your accounts in the one place
  • search by keyword to see how and when you’re spending your money
  • filter by money coming in and going out
  • filter by a selection of accounts

We’ve even colour coded your accounts to make it easy for you to identify them and see what’s going on right away.

If you're on the go, don't forget to download our Westpac One app. That way you'll be able to check your balances and transactions, whether you're out and about, or sitting on the couch. 

CashNav, our new money management app that lets you see what you spend to get what you want, is a great tool to track your spending.


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Make payments easily

Make all your payments from one place

It’s simple and straightforward to pay people with Westpac One. Your payments and transfers can be made from the one place, regardless of the type of payment you want to make:

  • bill payment
  • automatic payment
  • IRD payment
  • overseas payment
  • credit card payment
  • one-off payment (set the 'Save Payee' button to off)
  • payments to multiple saved payees
  • payment or transfer between your own accounts

You can also save details of the people you pay regularly (your ‘payees’) without having to lift a finger. And if you want to pay a saved payee or view your future payments, it’s all there in front of you.

Plus, we have over 500 businesses and government organisations already listed as payees in our system. Simply search them by keyword and add them to your payees list without having to input their account details.

So, no matter who you’re paying or how you’re paying them, just go to Payments and do it all from there. Most payments can be future dated and there's the option to amend them on both desktop and mobile.

If you’d like to learn in detail how to pay someone using Westpac One, please visit our Westpac One How-to page.

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Keep safe online

We take internet banking security seriously

At Westpac your security is our priority. And that’s why we have stringent internet security measures in place, to keep you safe from online fraud and scams no matter which device you’re using – smartphone, tablet or computer.

Here are just some of the ways we keep you safe online:

  • Our world-class online security system, Online Guardian, continually monitors unusual Online Banking activity – detecting fraud before it eventuates. 
  • Access to Westpac One is protected by a password or pin you choose, and you can change these any time.
  • Westpac One automatically logs out after 10 minutes of inactivity, reducing the risk of fraudulent activity.

We also have our own in-house online fraud team, working behind the scenes to protect you from fraud and scams.

Read more about our online security

Top 10 Tips

Although we have a number of security measures in place to help protect you, your awareness is the key to avoid being a victim of fraud. These tips may assist you in protecting your online security: 

Tip #1: Realise that you are an attractive target to fraudsters and hackers. Don’t ever say “It won’t happen to me”.

Familiarise yourself with these security tips to help avoid becoming a victim of fraud.

Tip #2: Be very careful when following links within emails or disclosing your personal details.

Have you received an email claiming to be from Westpac asking you to click on a link that:

  • Asks you to update your details?
  • Requires you to dispute transaction actioned in your account?
  • Tells you that your security profile has changed?
  • Tells you that you are eligible to receive rewards?

Westpac will never ask you to click on a link that will take you to your online banking login page. Westpac will never ask for your personal banking details such as your card number, PIN or account details in an email.

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Tip #3: Never give out your password or PIN to another person, including someone who says that they are a Westpac staff member.

Have you been asked to disclose your password or PIN to another person who is supposedly helping you?

Never communicate your PIN or password to anyone, including someone who says that they are from Westpac. Westpac does not need this information in order to provide a service to you.

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Tip #4: Never enter your Customer ID, password or PIN onto a website that is not secure.

Have you ever entered your Customer ID and password in a Westpac online banking web page that is not secure? 

Ensure that you do your online banking on a secure site. The URL (web address) must have an “s” in “https” which shows that this is a secure site. Be very careful about what you do over a wireless internet connection. Information and passwords sent via standard, unencrypted wireless are especially easy for hackers to intercept (most public access wireless is unencrypted).

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Tip #5: Always have up to date anti-virus software on all your devices.

Do you have up to date anti-virus software on your laptop, and desktop? Is your device’s performance suddenly deteriorating and becoming slow?

Use up to date anti-virus software on all your devices.

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Tip #6: Protect your computer with a firewall.

Do you have a personal firewall installed on your device?

A firewall blocks hackers and malicious software from getting into your computer and can also allow you to restrict the types of websites people using your computer can visit.

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Tip #7: Never send money to someone who you have never met.

Have you ever been asked for financial assistance from someone you have never met or been asked to send money overseas to a person you don’t know? Have you ever received an unsolicited job offer from an overseas company?

Be extremely wary of offers from people or companies based overseas and never transfer money, particularly via telegraphic transfer, to these people. Also ensure that if you receive an email or other communication requesting money from someone you do know that you confirm it is that person before you send any money. An easy way to do this is with a phone or Skype call.

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Tip #8: Use hard to guess passwords and never write them down.

Do you have the same passwords for your Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and online banking accounts? Have you written your Customer ID’s and passwords down or stored them on a smartphone or tablet?

Use strong passwords and change them regularly. Strong passwords have a mix of letters, number and symbols. Avoid anything obvious like your name, birth date or phone number. Never use your online banking password for anything else, such as your home security system, ISP account or for online shopping or auctions (this is usually part of your banking terms and conditions for safety reasons).

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Tip #9: Never accept payments from anyone and then transfer part of the proceeds back to that person.

Have you received an email from someone stating that you have won some money and to receive it you must send an upfront fee for legal, administration or processing costs? Have you met someone on a dating site who asks you to send them money due to some imminent emergency? Have you been offered a job from someone you have never met which seems too good to be true?

Never respond to these scams or agree to send money to someone you don’t know. This is important as handling money that’s been obtained fraudulently may be a crime even if you were not knowingly complicit in the original fraud.

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Tip #10: Contact us immediately if you believe that your details have been compromised.

Contact us on 0800 400 600.

Coming soon

Coming soon

We’re continually updating and improving Westpac One based on your feedback and enabling you to do more of your banking wherever you are.

Currently we’re working on delivering:

  • improvements to Kiwisaver
  • home loan fixed rate rollovers enabled online
  • the ability to manage term deposits

It’s all coming soon.