Frequently asked questions about hotpoints®

How do I redeem my hotpoints for rewards?

Simply log in to Westpac One, go to the hotpoints section available from the accounts page and click on the “Redeem your hotpoints now” link. This will take you through to the hotpoints website where you can choose your reward and redeem your points.

You can also redeem your hotpoints by calling the hotpoints team on 0800 861 862, weekdays between 8.30am and 5.00pm. Find out more about redeeming your rewards.

Where is the hotpoints website?

The hotpoints website is You can also log into the hotpoints website via Westpac One by going to the hotpoints section, available from the accounts page, and clicking on the “Redeem your hotpoints” now link. Here you can check your points balance and redeem for hotpoints rewards online at any time.

What rewards can I get with my hotpoints?

There are thousands of hotpoints rewards on offer on the hotpoints website, from merchandise and gift cards to travel. You can even make donations, or contributions to your KiwiSaver using hotpoints. Read more about hotpoints rewards.

Do hotpoints expire or have a time limit?

Yes, hotpoints last for three years unless you cancel your card or switch to a non hotpoints Westpac credit card such as an Airpoints credit card. In both instances, your hotpoints will expire 10 business days from the date you close your hotpoints credit card account.

Once your request to cancel or switch your hotpoints credit card has been processed, you will not be able to do the following during the ten day expiry period:

  • redeem hotpoints online (only over the phone by calling 0800 861 862);
  • redeem hotpoints for holiday credits or e-vouchers; or
  • use the Points + Pay mechanism.

The first time you have points that are due to expire we'll send you a reminder letter. You can keep track of any other points that are due to expire on your monthly credit card statement and in the “My Account” section when you are logged in to the hotpoints website.

How do I know how many hotpoints I’ve earned?

You can see how many hotpoints you have by logging in to Westpac One, where your hotpoints balance will show on the hotpoints section of the accounts page. Your monthly credit card statement also shows hotpoints that you've earned or redeemed and any points that are due to expire.

For more frequently asked questions, please visit the hotpoints website.