How easy is it to employ a worker from overseas?

With unemployment at record lows, and businesses crying out for talent, New Zealand’s economy is being constrained by a lack of skilled labour.

Opinion: Will The Human Factor Trip Up Reserve Bank’s Housing Forecast?

The Reserve Bank’s most recent Economic Statement in relation to future house prices sees them continuing to decline through to 2024 and finally settling at 19% below the level of…

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One compromised email is all a scammer could need to potentially cost your company millions.

Fears as scammers transition to in-person fraud

A worrying new trend has seen online scammers transitioning to in-person fraud, in some cases turning up at victims’ homes.

New partnership will improve NZ’s waterways

Six community groups will receive $10,000 grants to improve waterways across the country.

Te Waiu O Aotearoa Trust Scholarships: A small change in the right direction

With the 2023 Te Waiu O Aotearoa Trust Scholarships application now open, REDnews spoke with 2017 scholarship awardee, Johannah Kātene-Burge about her academic journey, challenges, and achievements.  

Going viral on TikTok: Jony M Lee shares her journey from 0 to 400k

Auckland’s Jony Lee has a fun side-hustle – she's followed by almost half a million people on TikTok and brands pay her to advertise their products.

Westpac's Ben Taylor talks everything Race Tekapo

The beauty of Lake Tekapo is unmatched so the chance to run a 50 km race was the perfect opportunity for Westpac’s Ben Taylor to do two of the things…

5 e-commerce tips to boost your online sales

Online shopping boomed in lockdown, with over 300,000 Kiwis shopping online for the first time in 2020 – and they’ve kept shopping online even as stores reopened.

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The way we live is changing, and that’s changing our housing market, too.

Feeling burnt out? Spot the signs and know what to do

“We’re in a perfect psychological storm, as well as an economic storm,” says Dr Iain McCormick, founder and partner at the Executive Coaching Centre.   

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In a fast-paced industry which has had to survive lockdowns and booms over the past two years, what’s in store for the restaurant sector in the year ahead?