Daisy Lab - Changing the face of dairy production for a more sustainable future

It may sound like science fiction, but we might soon be living in a world where not all dairy comes from cows.

Is New Zealand heading for a housing oversupply?

With a record number of new homes consented in 2021 and the weakest population growth in three decades, is New Zealand on track to have too many houses?

Could New Zealand become a green hydrogen superpower?

With most of the world’s economies trying to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels, demand for alternative energy sources is at an all-time high – and it just keeps growing.

OPINION: Now may represent a good time to buy a house

Barfoot & Thompson Managing Director says with the spring buying season about to commence, there is some room for optimism.

Growing demand for grass-fed gives New Zealand a competitive edge

Grass-fed beef, lamb and dairy are increasingly popular with international consumers – giving New Zealand a chance to gain a competitive edge in the market.

Ken Tuioti

Customer service a great entry to banking

From a customer service representative to managing a team of leaders, Westpac’s Ken Tuioti is a prime example of how an entry level role at Westpac can develop into a…

7 under-rated Kiwi travel destinations

New Zealand’s tourist hotspots are well-documented (and heavily attended), so why not take the road less travelled and visit the places less Instagrammed?

Robots, drones and smoke alarms: Forestry goes high-tech

There’s nothing more natural than planting a tree and watching it grow – so it’s surprising how much difference technology can make to the forestry industry.

Caught on tape: Listen to a real scammer in action

An authentic recording of a scammer extracting a confirmation code from a customer demonstrates the sophistication and believability that fraudsters are now able to portray.

Tips on managing your money when you’re a freelancer

Managing your finances can be tricky, especially when you’re your own boss. Freelancers, who fall in this category, often struggle with it, especially when they’re starting out.

Travel is back: What you need to know and the best holidays for your budget

With the world now opening its doors, REDnews sat down with two travel brokers to figure out how far the Kiwi dollar can take travellers this year.   

ShadowTech shows students pathways to tech careers

ShadowTech connects game changers in the technology sector with high school students and gives insights into how they can step into the world of tech.