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Pay off the mortgage or buy a rental?

While debt repayment is safe, a rental could be seriously profitable. What should you do?

Hidden gems: What are NZ’s underrated suburbs?

Real estate agents from around the country reveal the best kept secrets in their regions.

10 ways to add value to your home for under $500

Preparing to sell? These tips can help freshen up your property on a small budget.

Is a holiday home a good investment?

A family holiday home is part of the Kiwi dream, but is it a smart financial move to buy one?

What does your $60,000 deposit buy?

$60,000 was decent equity several years ago. What can it get you around the country today?

Bang for your buck: should you renovate inside or outside first?

On a budget and wondering were to spend your hard earned cash renovating the inside or out?

Property values: understanding the different types

A property investor explains why not all types of valuations are created equal.

Major renovations: which will add the most value?

When making home improvements, how you can be sure it will add value without overcapitalising?

How to save $1,000 a year on your power bill

7 tips to quickly and cheaply reduce your home's energy consumption.

10 fantastic places to raise a family in New Zealand

Looking at education, crime, unemployment, and lifestyle, we list 10 great places for family living.

Pinpointing NZ’s most underrated suburbs

Experts identify the major cities’ underrated suburbs you could benefit big from.

Subdividing: Breaking the myths

Just how easy is it to make money these days through subdividing your property?