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5 brilliant places to retire in New Zealand: 2023 UPDATE

After crunching numbers and looking at lifestyle factors, we came up with five excellent locations.

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OPINION: History shows house price recovery likely to take time

House prices are recovering but how long will they take to reach the heights seen in 2021?

OPINION: Look to sales numbers for housing market recovery

The latest heavyweight to forecast that the housing market has probably reached the bottom of the current price cycle is the Reserve Bank.

OPINION: From home to asset - Strategies for success in the Spring housing market

For many New Zealanders, the family home is more than just a short-term asset; it represents a long-term investment, a place to put down roots, maybe start a family, and…

How much does it cost to build a granny flat?

Building a secondary dwelling or ‘granny flat’ can be a surprisingly versatile way to maximise the use of your land.

OPINION: Why a recession could be a good thing for the housing market

With the news that New Zealand has slipped into recession, after the second consecutive quarter of negative growth, we have to consider: is this just a technical recession or should…

House prices "slow return to growth" - Economist

Latest real estate figures show New Zealand house prices have bottomed out and are beginning a slow return to growth, Westpac economists say.

Buying and selling houses privately: What you need to know

Most house sales involve a real estate agent, but it is possible to buy or sell privately - if you’re prepared to do the work that the agent would usually…

OPINION: Housing economic forecasts are forecasts - not guarantees

The one thing the public is not shortchanged on is forecasts as to where residential house prices are heading.

Updated: The ins and outs of buying a prebuilt home

REDnews has put together a guide to answer the common misconceptions surrounding prefabs.

Updated: How much does a swimming pool really cost?

New Zealand has around 40,000 swimming pools on residential properties, according to data and building consent information, but how much does a pool really cost? 

OPINION: Let’s put house price declines in perspective

When it comes to evaluating just what is happening to house prices, a case can be made for being cautious about accepting current headlines claiming prices are in freefall, that…