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What could you do with a $10,000 windfall?

A tax refund, a bonus, an inheritance – what are your best options when a surprise sum of money falls into your lap? The spending possibilities are almost infinite, but…

EVs or petrol cars

EVs or petrol cars – which is better value over their lifespan?

Battery electric vehicles (BEVs) cost more than internal combustion engine (ICE) cars - which can feel like a major stumbling block when you need to buy a new car.

Bella Honey: True to New Zealand’s natural and abundant beauty

Wendy Oliver is a New Zealand honey enthusiast who believes that good honey is nature’s superfood.

Updated: How much does a swimming pool really cost?

New Zealand has around 40,000 swimming pools on residential properties, according to data and building consent information, but how much does a pool really cost? 

OPINION: Let’s put house price declines in perspective

When it comes to evaluating just what is happening to house prices, a case can be made for being cautious about accepting current headlines claiming prices are in freefall, that…

5 non-alcoholic drinks to help you cool down this summer

Summer heat means cool drinks long into the evening – but you don’t always want to have a beer or a glass of wine.

The REDnews 10-step guide to Christmas on a budget

A time of joy and celebration, Christmas can sometimes be financially taxing – especially if you’re on a budget.

Gift ideas for your Secret Santa

Christmas is right around the corner and people are lining up at stores to find the perfect gifts for their friends and family.

Going viral on TikTok: Jony M Lee shares her journey from 0 to 400k

Auckland’s Jony Lee has a fun side-hustle – she's followed by almost half a million people on TikTok and brands pay her to advertise their products.

Westpac's Ben Taylor talks everything Race Tekapo

The beauty of Lake Tekapo is unmatched so the chance to run a 50 km race was the perfect opportunity for Westpac’s Ben Taylor to do two of the things…

5 e-commerce tips to boost your online sales

Online shopping boomed in lockdown, with over 300,000 Kiwis shopping online for the first time in 2020 – and they’ve kept shopping online even as stores reopened.

The future of housing – will demographics create a split market?

The way we live is changing, and that’s changing our housing market, too.