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Young woman and old man sit on a couch enjoin a cup of tea.

Who will make decisions for you if you’re incapable?

An Enduring Power of Attorney allows someone to make decisions for you if you're incapable.

Volunteer firefighter fights cancer

It was four years ago when a personal tragedy spurred Westpac’s own Carlene Tui to do her bit in the fight against leukaemia.

Sextortion: The damaging new scam targeting teenagers

Sextortion involves scammers reaching out and forming relationships with people on social media platforms like Snapchat, Discord or Wizz and later moving the conversation onto other platforms that display friends…

Catherine McGrath, Westpac NZ CEO

Increasing access to banking for the most vulnerable

Imagine not having a bank account.

Bella Honey: True to New Zealand’s natural and abundant beauty

Wendy Oliver is a New Zealand honey enthusiast who believes that good honey is nature’s superfood.

5 non-alcoholic drinks to help you cool down this summer

Summer heat means cool drinks long into the evening – but you don’t always want to have a beer or a glass of wine.

The REDnews 10-step guide to Christmas on a budget

A time of joy and celebration, Christmas can sometimes be financially taxing – especially if you’re on a budget.

Gift ideas for your Secret Santa

Christmas is right around the corner and people are lining up at stores to find the perfect gifts for their friends and family.

NZ needs to grow renewable energy sector, but barriers remain

Late next year, New Zealand’s electricity grid will draw down its first power from a large-scale solar power station, as Lodestone Energy switches on the new installation near Kaitaia.

Te Waiu O Aotearoa Trust Scholarships: A small change in the right direction

With the 2023 Te Waiu O Aotearoa Trust Scholarships application now open, REDnews spoke with 2017 scholarship awardee, Johannah Kātene-Burge about her academic journey, challenges, and achievements.  

Going viral on TikTok: Jony M Lee shares her journey from 0 to 400k

Auckland’s Jony Lee has a fun side-hustle – she's followed by almost half a million people on TikTok and brands pay her to advertise their products.

Westpac's Ben Taylor talks everything Race Tekapo

The beauty of Lake Tekapo is unmatched so the chance to run a 50 km race was the perfect opportunity for Westpac’s Ben Taylor to do two of the things…