• Help me manage my money smarter
    Help me manage my money smarter

    Learning to manage your money better could be easier than you think with the right resources. We help thousands of Kiwis every year with free workshops, webinars and tools.

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  • Help me get on top of my bills
    Help me get on top of my bills or debt

    Have you had a surprise bill and don’t know how to cover it? Maybe you’re worried about interest stacking up on what you owe. Or are you simply struggling to keep up with repayments?

    Help me get back on track

Are you experiencing hardship?

  • Help! I can't make my repayments

    Has something suddenly happened, and you now can’t make your Westpac home loan, personal loan or credit card repayments? Talk to us, because you may qualify for Financial Hardship.

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  • Help! Can I use KiwiSaver savings in tough times?

    If something unexpected happens, and you have essential expenses and no other way to pay them, you may be able to use your KiwiSaver savings to help.

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