Help me with my money

Whether you’re wanting to get on top of finances, looking to reduce debt or are nearing retirement, check out our webinars and online tools and resources to help you manage your money better.
There are useful apps, calculators, links, video and information in this section, plus you can find out about our financial education programmes.

  • Webinar D
    Managing Your Money webinars

    Learn about managing your money from the comfort of your own home, no matter where in the country you are. These webinars focus on a variety of topics such as spending and budgeting, preparing for the future and understanding debt.

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  • MYM D
    Managing Your Money Workshops

    If you want to help people in your school, community group or workplace develop effective money management skills, we cover it all.

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  • Zombie Cashtastrophe
    Zombie Cash-tastrophe

    Our interactive and fun board game to help improve the financial capability of Kiwi teens.

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  • CashNav
    Video tips

    Our animated videos are a quick, fun way to learn more about the basics of managing money.

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