Scam prevention for your credit card.

As we use our credit cards for more transactions, both in-store and online, we leave ourselves open to the possibility of credit card scams. Although your Westpac credit card is protected by CardGuard1, there are also steps you can personally take to prevent unauthorised transactions on your card:

1. Check your computer for viruses

Do most of your banking online? Run a virus check on your computer to help protect yourself from malicious files and programmes (also referred to as malware). Anti-virus software can also prevent other personal information being used fraudulently.

2. Protect your PIN

  • Keep your PIN a secret – we won’t ask for it online, on the phone or in a branch.
  • Use different PINs for your devices and cards, not the same one every time.
  • Avoid obvious PINs like your birthday or 1234.
  • Don’t have the same PIN for the whole family.

3. Look closely at your credit card statement

Check your credit card statement regularly and look out for any transactions that you didn’t authorise. These may only be small sums – sometimes scammers will charge your card less than $10, or as little as a few cents, because this is much less noticeable than one big sum. But they may keep charging you this amount regularly. Report any suspected fraudulent transactions.

4. Keep your card safe at all times

Know where your card is and keep it safe. If it is lost or stolen, take action immediatelyIf you’ve misplaced your card, you can temporarily block it through Westpac One® online banking. Card Blocker allows you to temporarily block and unblock your card instantly. When you find your card, you can simply unblock it.  

5. Don’t email your credit card details to anyone

An email is not a secure way to send your credit card details, because it can be forwarded onto someone else very easily.

6. Use fingerprint login for the Westpac One app

Switch on the fingerprint or facial recognition login option if you’re using a smartphone and the Westpac One  app. That makes it harder for someone else to access your banking and credit card information using the app.

7. Know the latest scams

Each year scammers get more creative in the ways they try to steal money. By understanding the new ways that Kiwis are being scammed, you can be on the lookout for the same warning signs

8. Be wary when shopping online

Look for trusted retailers with a reputation for delivering on their goods and services. If you see an item offered online at an amazing price, via a website you’ve never heard of, be very cautious – you may pay them the money but never receive the goods.

There are some simple security checks you can do prior to submitting your credit card details, such as ensuring the website address starts with https: (this signifies that the website is secure); check their privacy policy (this will detail how they will manage data); if there is a valid postal address and landline number.

When completing your online purchase, you may be offered the option to ‘save this card for future purchases’. Even on trusted sites, it’s safer to re-enter your card details each time.

Mastercard® Identity Check is a quick and easy extra layer of security that helps us make sure it’s definitely you (and not someone pretending to be you with your card) online.

9. Cut old credit cards in half

When you’re getting rid of a credit card, cut through the magnetic strip completely before you put it in the rubbish.

10. Talk to us immediately if you spot something suspicious

Westpac CardGuard provides round-the-clock protection from fraudulent activity on your personal credit card1. If you think you have spotted an unauthorised transaction on your card, call our cards team on 0800 888 111 immediately. If you are calling us after 8pm NZ time, press '1'.

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Extra security

As a preventative measure, Mastercard Identity Check is a quick and easy extra layer of security that helps us make sure it’s definitely you (and not someone pretending to be you with your card) online2.

Dispute a credit card transaction

If you have identified a transaction on your Westpac credit card statement and you don’t think it should be there, follow our three-step process.

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Temporarily block a credit or debit card using Westpac One

Card Blocker allows you to temporarily block your Westpac card if you think you’ve lost it, until you find it again.

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CardGuard provides 24/7 protection from fraudulent activity by screening transactions and alerting us of anything suspicious. So you can use your credit card anywhere, anytime and leave your worries behind.

How CardGuard keeps you safe

Things you should know.

Provided you notify us as soon as possible, have not acted fraudulently or negligently, and have complied with the card’s Conditions of Use.

2 Mastercard® Identity Check Terms of Service apply.

Credit cards: Eligibility criteria, lending criteria, terms and conditions apply. Conditions of Use for the applicable card apply. Rates, transaction and services fees apply. Overseas cash advances and foreign currency fees may apply.

This material on this page is provided for information purposes only, without taking your particular financial situation or goals into account.

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