Ways you can pay for a vehicle.

Whether you’re looking to replace your old runabout or trade up into a smarter model, buying a new car is a big purchase that requires some thought. One key consideration is how you might pay for it and the ins and outs of your options. To help you get you started, here are two common methods of paying for a new car:

  • Saving up the funds. This is a very cost-effective option as you're using your money! There are no fees or interest to pay. However, it takes time to save, so if this is your preferred way of paying for a car, you’ll need to allow some time to save
  • Borrowing the funds using a car loan. If you don't have enough money saved up and need a car quickly, a personal loan for a car  could give you access to the funds you need, if approved.  An establishment fee is charged at the start of the loan and you will pay interest until the loan is paid off. There are no fees for additional or lump sum repayments, so if you can pay off the balance faster you could save on interest.

If you’re considering a personal loan for a car, it’s important to take the time and research what’s right for you. Find out more about personal loans for cars.


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