Withdrawing your money

“How can I get my money out of KiwiSaver?” It’s the question everyone wants the answer to. Here are all the ways you can withdraw KiwiSaver funds – when you retire, buy your first home, or experience a change in circumstances. If you first joined KiwiSaver when you were over 65, remember you can make a withdrawal whenever you like.

  1. mym 65 Plus


    Now you've reached Qualifying Age, you have more options. Your retirement may last for 20 years or more, so continuing to save with the Westpac KiwiSaver Scheme could keep your money working for you. You can also make regular withdrawals, receive lump sums, or take out all your savings in one go.

  2. buy home

    Buying your first home

    KiwiSaver isn’t just for retirement. This is your step-by-step guide to withdrawing money from your Westpac KiwiSaver Scheme to help buy your first home.

  3. flag

    Your circumstances have changed

    If you’re finding it hard to make ends meet, or are suffering from a serious illness, you might be able to access your KiwiSaver savings earlier than usual.