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As well as providing for you in retirement, KiwiSaver is also designed to help Kiwis get onto the property ladder. As long as you qualify, you could withdraw most of your savings to buy your first home – then start building up your balance again for when you reach 65.

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The pros and cons of withdrawing your money

Is it a good idea to take a lump sum out of your KiwiSaver fund to use as part of a first home deposit? You should consider the potential costs and benefits before you make a decision.  

On the upside you get to own your own home, which is exciting, and owning a home is an important way to protect yourself from rent rises in retirement. It also gives you the option to downsize eventually, freeing up extra cash. Property tends to increase in value, so is also an investment, like KiwiSaver. 

On the downside, withdrawing a lump sum will reduce your balance when you reach retirement compared to not taking any money out for a first home.  Buying a first home without tapping into your KiwiSaver investment will likely lead to a higher balance to use when you turn 65.

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Things you should know.

1 (Limited exceptions regarding land holdings apply). However, in some cases you may qualify as a previous home buyer and be considered by Kāinga Ora to be in the same financial situation as a first home buyer.

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