Increase your loan

If you’ve been thinking about starting that project – like a new bathroom, kitchen, or even a deck for summer, you can do it now. Topping up or redrawing on your home loan could be a simple way to help.

Topping up

Topping up your home loan


To top up your mortgage means borrowing money in addition to your home loan, using the equity you have in your home.   You may already have equity in your property, or you could have built equity from the value of the property increasing, or through your repayments having reduced your loan.

A loan top up can be a quick and easy process.  The top up amount can be added to your existing home loan, or taken out as a separate loan.

You may need to have more than 20% equity in your property (or 30% equity for an investment property in Auckland).

To apply for a top up just call us or pop into any branch, to discuss your options.



Easy redraw on your home loan

If you’ve been paying more than your minimum repayments on your Floating or Offset home loan, this could mean you have some extra money available on your loan that you could ‘redraw’, and use for whatever you like.

If you have an Everyday account, you can redraw at any time up to the limit agreed in your revolving facility.

How do I redraw funds?

It’s simple. Log in to your Online Banking and take a look at your loan balance – you should be able to see if you have available funds in your Choices Floating home loan account or your Choices Everyday Floating account. If you do, you can withdraw funds within Online Banking.

If you don’t have Online Banking or would prefer to do it another way, you can use Phone Banking to transfer your redraw funds, or come into branch and we’ll do it for you.

Can I redraw on my fixed rate home loan?

If you have a fixed rate home loan you can redraw funds when your fixed rate expires.


Home Insulation Scheme

Home Insulation Scheme

Here's some great news for home owners - we're supporting the Government's insulation and clean heating programme with a special deal.

We're waiving the establishment fee for any home loan top up or personal loan for insulation as part of the Energywise programme.

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