Loan options.

If you're already a homeowner, you're probably familiar with home loan options like fixed or floating, or even splitting your loan across both. The floating portion gives you the flexibility to make lump sum payments, while the fixed portion helps to spread risk if interest rates go up or down. To help demonstrate this, here are some different examples of how you might split your loan between fixed and floating rates.

Types of ownership.

There are different ways in which property ownership can be structured, you may not own your investment property in the same way you own your home. You might consider owning your investment property:

  • Individually or jointly
  • As trustees of a trust
  • Through a company or other entity such as a partnership.

Choose the ownership structure that suits your individual circumstances and goals. Your accountant, lawyer and/or Financial Adviser can help you decide.

See IRD's website for information on tax treatments for different ownership types.

Other considerations.


There may be tax implications from owning a residential investment property. Talk to your accountant, tax adviser and/or lawyer for financial, taxation and legal advice for your circumstances.

Keep records

Keeping accurate records of your property is essential. This includes records of ownership, renovation work, and management of your tenants. You should also keep proof of your income and expenditure for tax purposes.

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Things you should know.

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