Electronic Account

If you prefer to do everything online, this is the account for you. Bank online, via EFTPOS or at Westpac ATMs. Waive your monthly paper statements, and we’ll waive all account and transaction fees*.


It's for you if:

  • you do most of your day-to-day banking online (like paying bills)
  • you hardly ever go into a branch
  • you want to avoid lots of fees

Highlights of the Electronic Account

  • automatic registration for online banking
  • free electronic transactions (online, Westpac ATM withdrawals/transfers, EFTPOS)*
  • no monthly account fee (if you waive your paper statements)
  • set up Salary Splitter for free
Monitor your card spend in real time

CashNav is our new money management app that connects with your account to automatically track and categorise what you spend. Find out more

More features

  • an ATM/EFTPOS# card (or simply link this account to your existing card)

  • if you’re a superannuitant, or under 19, you pay no monthly account or transaction fees on one account* (even if you receive paper statements)
  • automatic registration for phone and online banking
  • a cheque book (if you want one)
  • a debit card to shop online and overseas (you’ll need to apply)
  • we protect your online account with Westpac Online Guardian – our online security system. There are no special codes or gadgets to worry about just a single username and password chosen by you
  • set up a 'Sweep' to automatically move money out of your account and keep your transaction account at a certain level, so you always have enough to cover bills etc.
  • set up Salary Splitter which can automatically divide your account credits such as wages, across up to six different Westpac accounts
  • set up automatic payments
  • waive your paper monthly statements, and you’ll save $3.50 per month (you can shout yourself a coffee instead). To do it right now, log in to online banking and click on the ‘Stop your paper statements’ tab on the left hand menu

Here's what's free

  • transactions with your EFTPOS card
  • Westpac ATM transfers and withdrawals#
  • automatic payments
  • direct debits and credits
  • planned payments
  • online and phone banking payments°
  • the $3.50 monthly account fee is waived if you choose to stop receiving paper statements via online banking

Electronic Account - Fees
Fee exemptions available for superannuitants and under 19 year olds. Service fees still apply.*
Fee typeFee amount
Account maintenance fee
$3.50 per month
Free if printed statements are stopped via online banking.
Electronic transactions
EFTPOS, Westpac ATM transfers and withdrawals, automatic payments once set up (service fee applies to set up or amend), direct debits/credits, bill payments, online and phone banking payments
Note: Any transactions or balance enquiries made at another bank's ATM will incur an additional $1 charge per transaction.
Manual transactions
Cheques, deposits and withdrawals at a branch, Westpac ATM deposits (excluding Smart ATM deposits)
$3 per transaction

Other fees

For other types of fees that could apply to this account (e.g dishonour fees, or international payments), see our 'All Fees' section.

Fee exemptions

There are no monthly account or transaction fees charged on one account of your choice, for:

  • superannuitants
  • under 19s and those with Youth Accounts