Pinpointing NZ’s most underrated suburbs

Experts identify the major cities’ underrated suburbs you could benefit big from.

Subdividing: Breaking the myths

Just how easy is it to make money these days through subdividing your property?

How to buy a house with a low deposit

A 20% deposit may seem a mountain too high, but doesn’t necessarily mean a home is beyond reach.

How much should you spend on your renovation?

Figuring out the right amount for a wise investment without overcapitalising.

6 Tips to negotiating a better price for your house

Real estate experts share tips to get the house you want without being pushed into overpaying.

Architect vs Draftsman

You’ve got a renovation project in mind and you need someone to draw up some plans. Who you gonna call?

What's your house really worth?

What’s your house worth? It depends on who’s asking: Is it the bank, a potential buyer, the local council or your insurance company?

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