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Opinion: Will The Human Factor Trip Up Reserve Bank’s Housing Forecast?

The Reserve Bank’s most recent Economic Statement in relation to future house prices sees them continuing to decline through to 2024 and finally settling at 19% below the level of…

The future of housing – will demographics create a split market?

The way we live is changing, and that’s changing our housing market, too.

Is New Zealand heading for a housing oversupply?

With a record number of new homes consented in 2021 and the weakest population growth in three decades, is New Zealand on track to have too many houses?

OPINION: Now may represent a good time to buy a house

Barfoot & Thompson Managing Director says with the spring buying season about to commence, there is some room for optimism.

The hidden costs of buying a house

Purchasing a property requires a lot of research and due diligence that you’ll be invoiced for, even if your offer doesn’t get accepted.

Photo of couple planning a renovation

When is a good time to plan a renovation?

REDnews spoke to two renovation experts in the building industry.

Photo of Jessica Satherley

OPINION: Tips I’ve picked up from purchasing my first home in a buyer’s market

The market has turned.

Photo of Auckland

OPINION: Treasury sees no big decline in house prices

Managing Director of Barfoot & Thompson Peter Thompson shares his outlook.

Photo of Jessica Satherley

OPINION: Tips I’ve picked up in my first home buyer journey

My goal was to find a two-bedroom unit or townhouse within a Central Auckland suburb.

Photo of first home buyers.

Meet two first home buyers from the Kāinga Ora First Home Partner scheme

A shared equity scheme.

Photo of family renovating their home

Renovate or rebuild?

REDnews looks into what you need to think about if you’re weighing up this decision.

Photo of Auckland housing.

OPINION: Uncertainty dominates housing market

Managing Director of Barfoot & Thompson, Peter Thompson, gives his opinion on the market.