Prebuilt is a home loan option that gives you the benefit of innovative, modular homes which can be quicker to build and cost less. From small 2-bedroom houses through to larger family homes, Prebuilt opens the door to modern, factory-built houses that can be transported on-site.

The benefits of Prebuilt include:

  • a loan on prefabricated homes that are more efficient to build, which can result in a faster build at a lower cost
  • requires as little as 10% deposit^
  • 12 months conditional approval so you have plenty of time to find the right section and plan your build*

What kind of home can I get with a Prebuilt loan?

Want to know if a prefab home is right for you? Visit Prefab NZ to learn more about how you can benefit from building a prefabricated home.

How does a Prebuilt loan work?

A Prebuilt loan is similar to a normal construction loan, except that it covers homes that have been built in a factory rather than a traditional new home built on-site. 

While prefab housing is quicker and more efficient to build, there are a few extra requirements associated with a Prebuilt loan to help protect you financially, including:

  • Additional insurance cover during the different stages of the construction including the initial construction and transportation to site, and;
  • Some requirements for your builder to meet prior to construction.

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Talk to us to see if Prebuilt is right for you.

If you feel like Prebuilt might be suitable for you, just get in touch with a Mobile Mortgage Manager. They can meet you at work, at home, at a cafe, or even in the middle of an empty section. They'll meet you at a time that works best for you and are available seven days a week, and can provide no obligation advice on the process.