• Combine your loan and everyday spending into one account.
  • You could save on interest charges and reduce the length of your loan.
  • Pay off lump sums without extra costs¹.
  • Manage your loan your way choose how much you repay

How it works.

Choices Everyday is a revolving credit facility that combines your home loan and everyday spending into one account. It's designed to have your salary or wage paid directly into your account, reducing what you owe on your loan - meaning you pay less interest.

Features in detail

  • A loan term of up to 30 years
  • Make one-off lump sum repayments, and even pay your loan off in full
  • Redraw up to your limit or apply to top up your loan by $5,000 or more
  • Choose to split your home loan with a fixed home loan option for both flexibility and certainty
  • If you are moving, you might be able to transfer your loan to your new home.

A choice of repayment options

Choices Everyday reducing option. With a revolving credit account, you don't have set repayments, just a loan limit that decreases over time. So long as your balance stays below your limit, your balance can go up or down as much as you like. As your limit gets lower each month, the amount you have to spend will decrease, but it also ensures you pay off your loan within the term you agreed.

Choices Everyday non-limit reducing2. You can also choose a small non-limit reducing period. With this option, your limit won't decrease for an agreed length of time. However, you will still have to repay your loan before your maturity date. This means that once the non-limit reducing period ends, your limit will decrease faster than a reducing option.


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Things you should know.

Standard transaction fees may apply.

Westpac's home loan lending criteria and terms and conditions apply.

3  Conditional approval requires a credit check and confirmation of the details provided in your application. Other conditions may also apply depending on the nature of your application.

Interest rates are subject to change without notice. Westpac's home loan lending criteria and terms and conditions apply. An establishment charge may apply. A low equity margin may apply. An additional fee or higher interest rate may apply to home loans if the application is accepted but does not meet the standard lending criteria.

Documents and fees

See the detailed terms and conditions, and fees, for our Choices Everyday Floating account:

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