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Book in a new fixed rate

You can book in a new fixed rate up to 60 days before the end of you current fixed term through either Westpac One online banking (if eligible), or get in touch with us. In case rates change after you book in a rate, you can choose to Rate Lock. This will give you peace of mind that this is the rate you'll get during your next term (though if rates get better, you can still break your rate lock for a fee1). If you don't choose to take a rate lock your rate is subject to change in line with the market environment.

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Get flexibility with a floating rate

If you don't do anything before your fixed term ends, you will automatically roll onto our current floating interest rate. This gives you the flexibility to pay lump sums off your loan at any point or increase your regular payments at any time without additional costs.

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Enjoy the best of both worlds by splitting

Splitting your loan between fixed and floating rates enables you to pay off lump sums on the floating portion of your loan, while having certainty that your repayments will stay the same on the fixed portion.

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Save money by offsetting

If you've built up some savings, you could use it to potentially cut years off your loan. Add it into an eligible Westpac transaction or savings account to offset your floating home loan and you could save thousands on interest payments.

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Refix online

If you're eligible, refix your loan within 60 days of your fixed term end date.

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Things you should know.

1 A fee of $125 may apply to break or change a rate lock agreement.

If you change your mind after booking a fixed rate through Westpac One, you can change your rate once, up to three business days before the start of your new rate. A $50 amendment fee will apply to any change but we will waive the $125 rate lock break fee (Booked Rate change fee) for rates booked in Westpac One online banking. If you have not booked your rate in online banking, the $125 rate lock break fee will apply to any changes. Usual fixed term break costs will apply to any changes from 3 business days prior to your new fixed rate start date onwards.

Westpac's home loan lending criteria and terms and conditions apply. An establishment charge may apply. A low equity margin may apply. An additional fee or higher interest rate may apply to home loans if the application is accepted but does not meet the standard lending criteria.

Documents and fees

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