Low Rate Mastercard®

Keep it simple with a low interest rate credit card. If you're not paying your balance off in full each month, it’s a great card to keep your interest costs down.

Special offer:

  • 0% p.a. for 12 months on balances transferred from hire purchases, store cards, another bank's credit card or a personal loan to a Westpac credit card*. We also call these debt transfers. Find out more

✓ low 13.45% p.a. interest rate on purchases
✓ low half-yearly fee of $12.50 
✓ up to 55 days interest-free on purchases^
✓ accepted at over 35 million locations worldwide


Monitor your card spend in real time with CashNav - our money management app. Find out more.


Contactless technology for fast and convenient payments (of under $80) on the go with Mastercard Tap & Go™.

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Pay no international transaction fee (usually $2) when withdrawing money from a Global ATM Alliance ATM1. See 'Rates and Fees' for more details.


Westpac CardGuard® protects you 24/7 from fraudulent activity2. Misplaced your card? Temporarily block or unblock your card with Card Blocker

Westpac Credit Card Insurance

Link your other Westpac accounts to your credit card, so you can access them at the checkout and ATMs.

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24-hour emergency credit card assistance.

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Rates, fees & more

Minimum credit limit

Low Rate Mastercard has a minimum credit limit of $500

Repayment options

Pay your card off in full or make any payment above the monthly minimum (either 2% or $5 of the balance owing  - whichever is greater)3. View payment options here.


Low Rate Mastercard® - Interest rates
CardInterest rates
Purchases (and other fees & charges) 13.45% p.a.
Balance transfer rate#
Transfer balances from another bank’s credit card, overdraft, personal loan, or hire purchase agreement to a Westpac credit card.
 > More on balance transfers
0.00% p.a.*special rate  on the balance transferred for 12 months from date of transfer 
5.95% p.a. on the balance transferred for the life of the balance.
Cash advance rate

22.95% p.a.


Low Rate Mastercard - Fees
Fees on this page are current as at 16 July 2019 and are subject to change.
Some overseas banks may charge an extra fee for a cash advance.
Fee typeFee amount
Annual account fee $25 per year
Paid in two 6-monthly instalments of $12.50.
Cash advance in NZ using an ATM
Free per transaction
at other bank ATMs Free per transaction
Westpac branch teller $3 per transaction
Cash advance overseas using Global ATM Alliance ATMs
Free  Transaction fees do not apply when using ATMs within the Global ATM Alliance in the respective country shown. Institutions participating in the Global ATM Alliance are subject to change but currently include Deutsche Bank (Germany), Bank of America (United States), Scotiabank (Canada), Barclays Bank (United Kingdom), BNP Paribas (France), Westpac (Australia) and Westpac (New Zealand).The NZ$2 for credit card and NZ$3 for debit card international transaction fee saving applies to Westpac customers only, and is subject to change. All other international and standard fees apply including foreign currency conversion fees apply – see the  <a href="https://www.westpac.co.nz/assets/Personal/Your-Money-and-Tailored-Packs/Brochures/transaction_service_fees.pdf" target="_blank">Transaction and Service Fees brochure</a> or <a href="https://www.westpac.co.nz/assets/Personal/Your-Money-and-Tailored-Packs/Brochures/business_transaction_and_service_fees.pdf" target="_blank">Business Transaction and Service Fees brochure</a> for details.

using other ATMs or at bank branches NZ$2 per transaction Note: An ATM service fee may be charged by the ATM provider.
Joint/additional card
$5 per year
Late payment fee $8 per late payment
Card over limit
Applies where you exceed your account credit limit during any statement period.
Replacement card
where original card is lost, damaged or stolen
$10 per card
Courier delivery in NZ/overseas Courier costs where applicable 
Foreign currency fee 2.5% of NZD converted value of foreign currency transaction amount When you use your Westpac credit card to make an overseas transaction, you'll pay a foreign currency fee. This is currently 2.5% of the New Zealand dollar converted value of the foreign currency transaction amount. A foreign currency conversion fee is applied to purchases, cash withdrawals and any fees and charges in a foreign currency incurred by you from the overseas merchant or merchant bank for that transaction.