What you need to know about payments

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What are the processing times for payments?

Processing times depend on how and when the payment is made. Read our guide to find out the processing time for your situation.

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Make a payment in Westpac One

Westpac One has many payment options: one-off payment, automatic payment, pay multiple payees, bill payment, credit card payment, payment to Australia or tax payment. 

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What can I pay at the ATM?

Our ATMs offer a large range of services for you, including making bill and credit card payments.

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Setting up payment alerts

Use alerts in Westpac One to help manage your money. You can:

  • Activate a regular balance update at a time you choose
  • Set up alerts for when your balance goes over or under a certain amount
  • Set up notifications in an automatic payment or loan payment fails

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Deposits of $9,000 or above must be made at a branch counter and identification provided. Talk to our team to find out more.

If you are a business making regular deposits of $9,000 or above, you may wish to take advantage of our registered Red Bag service, allowing you to make bulk cash deposits without the need to provide identification for each deposit. Talk to a Business Relationship Manager for further details.