Mobile Online Banking

Got a smartphone or iPad with internet access? You could use it to do your online banking when you’re out and about by downloading our new apps, or using our mobile optimised website.

Getting started with smartphones

Our mobile banking offering is available as an app, and also as a mobile optimised website that you can access through your phone's browser.

You can do many of the same things as regular Online Banking, and we’re adding new functionality all the time.

Plus, it’s every bit as secure as your regular Online Banking account. The Online Guardian Challenge Service and our Online Banking Guarantee apply in exactly the same way.

Download the iOS (Apple) or Android app now


What kind of smartphone devices can be used? 

You can use your iPhone version 3 and up, iPod Touch, iPad or Android version 2.2 and up.

What do they look like?

Apple devices running iOS 5 and above, and Android devices running 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and above will look like this:

App welcome screen       Intuitive new design Add photos to accounts 
welcome screen small new design small  add photos small

On other smartphones, both the app and the mobile optimised website look like this:

App welcome screen Login screen View accounts screen
Banking on your iPad

How it works

Log-in to our secure Westpac New Zealand Mobile Online Banking App and in addition to the features listed above you can:

  • set and monitor savings goals against accounts
  • personalise the look of your account tiles with a pre-loaded image from Westpac or your own photos stored on your iPad
  • switch between tile view and list view
  • reorder the position of your account tiles and list view too
  • share your account number by email helping friends make payments easily to you.

Download the app now:

What does it look like?


This is just the beginning of our Westpac New Zealand Mobile Online Banking services for iPad. We will be adding further features so stay tuned. In the meantime, feel free to let us know what Westpac Online Banking services you want to be able to access on your iPad and we’ll see what we can do.

IMPORTANT: By downloading and completing the setup of Westpac New Zealand's Mobile Online Banking app for iPad you agree to the Westpac New Zealand Mobile Online Banking terms and conditions

Westpac New Zealand’s Mobile Online Banking app is every bit as secure as regular Westpac New Zealand Online Banking. The Online Guardian Challenge Service and our Online Banking Guarantee apply in exactly the same way. Find out more about these security Services.

Using our mobile optimised online banking site

Our mobile online banking site is currently optimised for use on Andriod and iPhones (iPhone version 3 and up, iPod Touch or Android version 2.2 and up).

How it works

  1. Visit: using your phone or iPad
  2. Select the "Login to Mobile Banking" option
  3. Enter the same username and password that you use for Online Banking. (If you don't already have Online Banking, get registered first).

HANDY TIP: Save the link as a shortcut to your home screen.

Create a quick link to this mobile optimised website

You can create a quick link so it sits on your home screen.

On your mobile:

  1. Enter the address into your mobile browser
  2. Add a link to your Home Screen as follows:

For iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch devices:

  • tap the 'arrow' icon on Safari's toolbar, and select "Add to Home Screen"

If you’ve got an Android device:

  • bookmark the page
  • then go back to your home screen and long-press in an empty space to bring up the "Add to Home Screen" menu
  • Select "Shortcuts"
  • Select "Bookmark"
  • Choose, and it'll now appear as a quick link image on your home screen

Don’t have a device with internet access?

No worries! You can still bank when you’re on the go with your standard mobile phone. Get your balances and transfer money between your accounts with TXT Banking and if you register for TXT alerts, we’ll send you TXTs to help you keep track of your Online Banking activity, bank account and credit card information too. Handy huh?